NATURAL PRODUCTS is based at Iraklia in Gorgopotamos, near Lamia in Greece. Here a small and dedicated group of workers make a large variety of spoon sweets under the watchful eye of Mrs.Vassiliki.

Our company began its activities in 2002 on a small scale. Our first products were spoon sweets and marmalades exclusively for a delicatessen business. The experience we have gained has enabled us to develop a parallel cooperation with a large supermarket chain to produce private label spoon sweets.

Τhe result of this collaboration is that we have learned a lot about the market and we managed to gain the largest part of the chain’s turnover in spoon sweets. Lately we have expanded in other collaborations with very positive results.

How we make our products
The company’s name encapsulates the desire of Mrs Vassiliki to use traditional methods to produce high quality authentic spoon sweets.

Today in our state of the art production facility all our spoon sweets are produced with no additives, thus we preserve tradition - and more importantly rich flavour.

The only ingredients we use are fruit, sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

With the best of Greek fruits on our doorstep, Mrs Vassiliki uses only the highest quality of fruits, follows traditional recipes and specific rules of preparation and execution to produce a notably superior collection of spoon sweets.

NATURAL PRODUCTS is using the ‘open pan’ slow boiling method of producing spoon sweets which gives our products their delicious ‘homemade’ taste. This method is regarded as the only effective way to produce authentic spoon sweets.

The fruits are selected carefully for their colour, texture, flavour and aroma. Cleaning, cutting, peeling, chopping of fruit is prepared by hand. Given that the characteristics of the fruit we use may vary from season to season, we cannot produce large quantities of standardized product and we cannot deliver the total consistency of an industrialized process.

The essential tools that Mrs Vassiliki is using are hand, eye, and experience. She knows exactly which recipe to use for each spoon sweet. She knows exactly how long to boil the fruit in order to bring out its natural flavour and when to stop in order to preserve its natural colour.

After the products have been cooked to perfection, they are then placed in jars by hand. Hand filling helps keep fruit whole and makes, we believe, for the very best possible final product.

Capping takes place under vacuum and with this we try to capture and seal all the flavors and aromas of the final product inside the glass jar.

Electronically controlled pasteurization follows in such a way that no microbiological danger will exist.

Each individual finished jar is visually inspected at least three times. Nevertheless, our quality control goes beyond the ‘visual’. Our production facilities and procedures are meeting the strictest health and safety guidelines.

Our company is ISO 22000:2005/HACCP certified.